Read what some of our drivers have to say about us.

I was referred to them by a friend and they got me to work fast, I now work at a great job!

Jaeson L… Colfax, CA, 08/2018

Staff is very helpful, professional and show care and concern for making you feel comfortable. Best hiring experience I have had in transportation so far.

Gilbert G… Merced, CA, 09/2018

I was referred to them by a friend and they got me to work fast, I now work at a great job!

Jaeson L… Colfax, CA, 08/2018

Staff is very helpful, professional and show care and concern for making you feel comfortable. Best hiring experience I have had in transportation so far.

Gilbert G… Merced, CA, 09/2018

They process was easy to get through and I was helped with paperwork. I started work right away.

Sonny C… Chowchilla, CA, 05/2018

I was referred to them by a friend. The manager was very nice and helpful. She got me work right away with great hours and great pay.

Jasiel V… San Jose, CA, 05/2018

I have worked with them for many years. They have always found me good jobs with good companies quickly.

Jeremy B… Sacramento, CA, 02/2018

I applied online, got a call right away. The recruiter was professional and helpful. I worked with her and she got me full time work right away.

Willie H… Sacramento, CA, 03/2018

I was having a hard time finding a job and a manager at a company gave me them number and told me to call them, they’d be able to help me. The Process was easy and I started work quickly.

Jose G… San Jose, CA, 01/2018

So far I have had a good experience, every question or concern that I had was resolved. The customer service is great. Usually staffing agencies don’t really care much.

Victor T… Fontana, CA, 11/2017

I have never worked for an Agency until them. They always have handled everything professionally and quickly. My recruiter has always been there whenever I needed her and is very knowledgeable about the positions she has.

Michael G… Modesto, CA, 11/2017

I was relocating from So Cal to Nor Cal just looking at positions online, the recruiter called me back about a local swing shift warehouse position. I did the application online and went to her office with ID in the same afternoon. it was sorted out really quickly. I’m working full time now!

Victor B… Riverside, CA, 11/2017

I was not happy at my current job. A friend who is a driver for them told me to call Jack and work with her. It was a quick process to get everything rolling. After one week already being offered great jobs. This was a great experience.

Dao T… Sacramento, CA, 11/2017

I was looking for a job on Indeed, wasn’t getting good routes with my last company. Went to them, I was delighted to get working so quick and appreciated the friendliness of the office. Everything was good, went well, I’m happy with the process!

Charles R… Sacramento, CA, 11/2017

I’m happy with the way everything has worked its way out, everything was explained real well. They move quick over there!

Wyatt K… Woodland, CA, 11/2017

I was able to get full time work at a place that works with my schedule and the type of work I enjoy.

Lawrence B… Elk Grove, CA, 10/2017

I was suggested to 2 companies that I was interested in. Within hours I was scheduling an interview. I set up my company interview around my work schedule. Interview went super- I was offered a lease to hire position on the spot. I called my recruiter, she was already scheduling my drug screen. She was able to work around my availability for all the onboarding documents in her office and I start my new position on Monday. Things went PERFECT. Thank you

Yeng V… Sacramento, CA, 11/2017

I did not want to work with another agency because of past problems. Told another driver about my situation and he told me I needed to work with Jack at them. She worked with me and listened to what I need.

William J… West Sacramento, CA, 11/2017

I was referred to them by another driver who was working for a different company. I Wanted to make sure I got full time work, as promised, them started me on full time work and I have been busy ever since. They always listen to my concerns and offer advise when I need it. I got exactly what I wanted, full time employment!

Eddie M… Antioch, CA, 10/2017

I was suggested to your company by a fellow driver who is currently driving through your temp services. I came in on a Monday, and was put to work by week’s end. It was great. The last temp agency I had been with was constantly cutting my hours or not having work. With them was busy every day. Thank you for getting me back to where I need to be. Appreciate everyone’s help.

Mark F… West Sacramento, CA, 09/2017

I applied for a class B position and was told the position closed their job posting for a driver. I was called several times a week to let me know they were working on getting me to work, they suggested a few positions that I couldn’t fulfill but they didn’t get discouraged. I was told they were going to “skill market” me to a company they use frequently who did NOT have an open position but was going to see if they were interested in at least interviewing. That was 2 months ago. I have been working full time for that company as a class B driver.
I am so grateful, I can’t even tell you. My wife is very happy with my new job.

Ariel L… Sacramento, CA, 09/2017

I interviewed with a company that was class B with endorsements. Unfortunately, the client switched locations to hire. I took it upon myself to quit my current position on the hopes this was working out. When my recruiter got the news she quickly got to work finding me on call positions and scheduling interviews. I am staying busy, and paid! I have an interview scheduled this week with the strong promise of a lease to hire position. I appreciate all the efforts them make to accommodating the drivers they service.

Randy J… Vacaville, CA, 09/2017

I appreciate your patience with the onboarding process. I had completed the application and worked out a job opportunity with my recruiter and unfortunately a family emergency came up. The recruiter was so supportive, and accommodating in my absence. I picked right back up a week later and now being positioned in the same driving position I was hoping to have. Things have gone so smoothly and I appreciate the leniency. I promise to work just as hard for the company as you worked for me.

Jason W… , 09/2017

The day has come for me to start a new chapter in my life, I am moving to Oregon. Hating to leave due to a great place. You’ve given me work which is one of the best jobs Ive had in a while. Now i beg for any help you can offer me job wise in the Oregon area, any leads you get me i will pursue with my whole heart and much joy and attention Ive given you down here. With same attitude and love i had for the job (them) so i wanted to thank everyone for the opportunity you’ve given me to work for this amazing company and the chance to really enjoy driving for you all. This isn’t good bye but we’ll talk down the road. And maybe work for you from a further distance away that would be cool. Thanks again for every thing Best Jason, your personal pain in the buttttt driver!

Jason C… Martinez, CA, 09/2017

Was concerned there was not a lot of local class A work since I was currently working through another staffing company who couldn’t keep me busy at all, said there was no work, I called them and they told me they could use me for their house accounts and projects until we landed a lease to hire project that fit. That was so reassuring. I’ve been struggling to get work so this is so promising. Thank you for moving so quickly!

Quick Update, I got a full time job and am now employed in a lease to hire position, it happened a lot faster than i thought, thank you guys again for moving quick! – 05/2017

Ben R… Sacramento, CA, 04/2017

I really appreciate you thinking of me. The company I’m working for contacts through the state, really like working this job. I do have a big vacation coming up and will be off for three weeks. I have nothing but respect for your agency. them have nothing but respect for their employees. Thanks again!

Jeff J… Sacramento, CA, 07/2017

I could not believe how quickly you were wanting to put me to work, wasn’t even 24 hours. I filled out the application and immediately the recruiter responded with a drug screen time for me the following day. I appreciate the attention to your drivers.

Hyman C… Sacramento, CA, 02/2017

Thank you them for the employment. It’s been a wonderful experience and it got me to CA, something I should have done long ago. Again thank you have a good day.

Gina A… Sacramento, CA, 02/2017

The recruiter called me about a class C position that had and immediate opening. I had all my documents to her the same day and she returned the favor by also bringing me in to sign new hire forms and drug screen. She was very helpful with my DMV report and suggested how to get old activity “purged”. My wife and I are very happy that I’ll be employed again so soon. This process went so quick and it’s a reflection to the diligence of the recruiting and hiring staff at them.

Andre M… Sacramento, CA, 02/2017

You guys don’t waste any time. This was so immediate I was working in the Bay Area and the recruiter called me to come drug screen because I was starting my new position on Monday. That’s unreal to me. I appreciate you. Really, I do. I appreciate the opportunity. Thank you very much.

Donovan M… Sacramento, CA, 02/2017

I had a couple interviews, them have been sending my application to several clients. I took a position I am very happy about. The wage is excellent, the commute is so close to where I live. Everyone was nice and professional and good energy in the office. I’m happy about the new opportunity.

Manuel M… Berkeley, CA, 02/2017

The company I interviewed with was really informative and the job description was similar to what was explained to me prior to filling out the application. The lab had an issue with their own paper work which did hiccup the drug screen process but them was very diligent at resolving the issue that was not their problem because they knew how badly I needed to work. I appreciate the constant correspondence I had with the women in the office.

Greg C… Sacramento, CA, 01/2017

I love my job and the people I work with it’s a new adventure every day.

Robert H… Sacramento, CA, 11/2016

Originally we discussed a position that was put on freeze for the hiring location. I had thought I was forgotten about when them called me to discuss a position that was in the same area as the initial company we originally discussed. It was nice to be thought of and of course I was excited to hear there was another driving opportunity in the area I wanted to drive in. I appreciate you keeping me in the loop.

Frank G… French Camp, CA, 12/2016

Thank you for the opportunity to work for your company. It was close to my home and what I wanted in pay. I thank you for allowing me to come in the office to do paper work and get everything handled there. I don’t understand all the papers so it was nice to ask questions. I am excited to start work with the company.

Andrey P… Sacramento, CA, 10/2016

Called a few months before I relocated. Spoke to them about positions in San Jose/ Gilroy. They told me about some good jobs. Explained how I would need to be present as the process could go quick. She offered to send my file & application to the hiring manager. They were interested in interview when I got to town form out of state. All went according to plan, moving truck delivered our stuff, I had interview and drug screen and was working within days. Couldn’t have asked for a better transition. I appreciate it all.

Rick W… San Jose, CA, 10/2016

I had an odd request. I know the majority of drivers are looking for long term or full time employment. I have been a class A driver for a number of years, but had a different life calling. I decided to embark on a more spiritual career. With that, I would be very spotty on my commitment level, but still wanted to keep up with the class A license. The recruiter told me 90% of the jobs were local and lease to hire, however she had some seasonal project terms and a national account that would allow for my sparse schedule. So far it’s been amazing. They call me all the time. The girls at the office check in and see if I would like daily work. I’ve been able to cross paths with companies I used to service in the past. them are completely flexible with my first commitment. It’s just been really great. Never an inconvenience on their end to keep me hanging around. They are just magic.

Thank you for letting me work through your company.

Darren M… Sacramento, CA, 09/2016

I must have sat on the recruiter’s desk for weeks! For one reason or another something kept “going wrong” One job decided not to hire, I didn’t have endorsements, I was picky, but had limited route experience – one thing after another things just had a difficult way of making any progress. The recruiter finally, finally got me somewhere. This job is great. Lots of hours, weekdays only. I asked her why? Why did you keep trying? She said, “because everyone deserves to be put to work, you wanted what we promise which is lease to hire local jobs, so I’m going to find it for you, didn’t care how long it took, we will figure it out!” That completely blew me away. She’s committed to the mission statement of the company and she truly cares about what she does. Have you ever met someone who’s just happy? You get them on the phone and they change your day? Well, that’s her! And now, she has changed my situation and I appreciate the efforts greatly!!! She also mentioned that she was checking up on my prior employment and my supervisors had great things to say about me. I appreciate her taking the time to know she was getting a good driver.

S.W… Sacramento, CA, 09/2016

I called them about a job they had advertised. I really wanted it, I was continuously turned away by other companies because my DMV printout reflected a lot of activity that was suggesting that I wasn’t a candidate to hire. The recruiter explained to me that the infractions recorded on the printout were old and needed to be purged from the document. She was able to explain to me that she could hire me that I needed to call mandatory action to clean it up and like she said, I was called just a couple days later for interview. Unfortunately the job I wanted couldn’t work around my custody time. I understood and the recruiter worked towards finding me another position, again, she came through. I was set up with another interview a couple days from there and I am currently working in a lease to hire, long term position.

H.F… Sacramento, CA, 09/2016

Previous experience with staffing companies, being fudged around in dead end positions. It was very exciting to hear what them had to offer. The women on the phone are so nice and very interested. They actually find pleasure in assisting in the hiring process. So many times you talk to someone on the phone who seems so miserable on the other end and you’re like no thanks, why would I want to work with you guys? YOU sound miserable. Not a good sales pitch! I made a few twist and turns on the employment path. But they led me here and HERE is a good place to be.

Shawn E… Sacramento, CA, 09/2016

I’ve worked several jobs, I had been turning in a lot of applications. Nothing was really moving until I squared up with them. Immediately there were calls, follow ups, options. The recruiter I dealt with was really understanding about things I needed and wanted and any challenges I had. It was very refreshing to actually get the same contact working you through from start to finish. I was always a priority. I would definitely recommend using the services at them to anyone I know especially anyone having any difficulty making headway towards employment.

Eric B… Stockton, CA, 09/2016

I’ve never written a testimonial before for getting the job but then again I’ve never had someone work for me at helping me get a job. But that’s just what them did for me, I told them what I wanted and what I needed and within a week I’ve got a really good job. I told them I needed 50 to 60 hours of work a week for me to have the lifestyle that I want so the first week with my new employer I got 62 hours. If you need something they’re there to help you every step of the way and to help you get what you’re looking for.

Rob H… Rancho Cordova, CA, 9/2016

So far so good. them were very thorough and friendly. They matched me well. I had one interview and got hired that day. I’m so glad to have ran into them ad. I’m very please.

Kaleena S… Stockton, CA, 09/2016

I like where I’m working. Everything was fast, easy. Everyone was really good at getting me work. Things were easy. I don’t have anything negative to say at all. Just want to work, that’s what I ended up with. Thanks to everyone.

Josh C… Vacaville, CA, 9/2016

They is a wonderful Organization that is highly organized and skilled at what they do. Bridge work for not only for the truck operator but a major connection for the employer who are on the hunt for quality drivers. When both meet through them, you do not have to wonder why there is such a good fit. There tops on both sides of the fence period. A specialist can customize your needs long term or short. Why not let their team of experts do a full court press for you! They will not only keep you in the game but help you win it.

Maurice B… Vallejo, CA, 8/2016

The company works really well as a team. They had my driver file ready to go immediately and started referring me to several options in the immediate area. The whole group on that end are very respectful, upbeat, helpful and willing to get drivers working! I am now in a full time position M-F, lots of overtime during the week and I get my weekends free to have with my family. It’s a perfect fit for me. I appreciate everyone who helped on them team.

David K… Sacramento, CA, 9/2016

I was a referral form one of my friends who is currently employed in a lease to hire placement with them. Suggested I inquired about a local position. I’ve had my class A for a few years but sort of took myself out of the driving market by working somewhere else. It had been a full 10 months since I drove with my class A license. They explained to me that even though I had prior experience, with the competition in the job market it may be a long shot but they were willing to send my file to the hiring company and also give me a fall back option. Just like they told me, the local company passed on my application. But they told me there was a company in Stockton that was willing to take drivers with a little more leniency. It would be daily dispatch and maybe not a full 40 hours at first but it would get me familiarized into driving again. It has been working out really well so far and I appreciate the guidance.

Abe T… Sacramento, CA, 8/2016

I recently saw an ad on Indeed for warehouse worker. I have a lot of experience and it was so refreshing to see a company who was willing to pay competitively for the position. I have never had such ease applying for a job. The application was very user friendly and all done on line. I probably emailed and called them 25 times in 2 days asking questions about the job, my application, where to buy boots, and all kinds of odds and ends. They ALWAYS emailed me back immediately and ALWAYS took my calls. I know their busy, I was in the office when multiple people were drug screening, filling out paper work, the phone was ringing on every line and the recruiter was always very patient and tolerant of giving her time. I really appreciated it. It was impressive to me that they ran such a busy atmosphere with a lot of care and attention to each applicant.

Olivia S… Sacramento, CA, 8/2016

I live in the Stockton area. Called them looking for part-time work in my area. I had specific days I could work around. The recruiter explained to me that the company does 90% of their work on a full-time, lease-to-hire scenario. However she had a national account that allowed for daily dispatch that would potentially work for my situation. It has! I call in the day before I know I may have a day off and she and the team have been able to keep me busy and dispatch me, even on the weekends which has been great.

Howard G… Stockton, CA, 8/2016

I heard of them from a friend. I like them because they offer me a wide variety of jobs with different opportunities. If it doesn’t work out at one job, they are able to find another job that best suites me. Jack got me a job when I first applied with them and when I left she was able to get me another job right away.

Anthony R… Sacramento, CA, 8/2016

Inquired about a position in Gilroy. Local grocery route. Company had a lot of work at first then I had a little cut in my weekly hours. I understood I was the bottom man at the totem pole. I was in a situation needing to work not only full time but with the potential for overtime. TTG was able to accommodate that, they have repositioned me in another bay area driver job with another one of their accounts. I have referred a friend to the same grocery job and also to their company since they work so hard at putting us to work. As an added benefit, the company even offered a referral bonus for inviting my friend to work through the company. I would definitely call on TTG for employment and obviously continue to suggest them to anyone I know looking for work.

Leslie B… Gilroy, CA , 08/2016

Jack called me off my resume. I inquired about a position doing flatbed. She had that job description down with the company story. The hiring manager was really easy to talk to, he was a former employee. We hit it off really good. My wife and I found it really easy to work with Jack and communicate through her. I’m very happy with the work and all the hours I’m getting with the flat bed job. It’s right in my wheelhouse of expertise. Thank you very much,

John H… Sacramento, CA, 8/2016

I was in the South Bay area. Relocating to the San Jose area. Saw an advertised position with them for local work. Wasn’t sure how the process would go, if I would have a direct person of contact to work with or if I was going to always be communicating with someone new. I never used a staffing company. Relatively new to the Class A trucking world the past year or so. The recruiter was really good at satisfying all my questions, assuring me I could start the process before my move, get approved and work towards interview/drug screen prior to my relocation. Everything worked out beautifully, the job description was exactly how it was explained to me over the phone. We set a “start date” and that stayed accurate as promised. I have been working with the company for several weeks now and very pleased with the results. I told the recruiter outside of my girlfriend she has been the nicest, positive, most pleasant person to me. It has been a real pleasure working with everyone on their end.

Victor M… San Jose, CA , 08/2016

I was an OTR driver, looking to transition into a more local position. I was able to access the application and send my documents to a recruiter while I was on the road. She was super at communicating with me and always available to speak with me. I don’t think she takes lunch!!! She scheduled an interview for me around when I was going to be back in town. Actually on a weekend, which was just so accommodating, everything went really well. I was working within days from that point and since, have been working full time locally Monday through Friday.

I have children and this position was a perfect fit for my family and I’m very grateful for the opportunity.

Wayne H… Sacramento, CA, 8/2016

I am a flatbed worker here locally out of the Sacramento/Folsom area. Native to the area, my family and my grandchildren all live here. I am in a transition of retiring in the near future but not completely ready to throw in the towel. The process to apply, fill out DOT and payroll applications and suggest all documents needed for driver qualification file was so smooth. I had a very friendly conversation with one of them recruiters who also is from the area, with children in the schools nearby and we discussed the high school and the sports the kids are involved in. It was nice to have a “real person” on the opposite end of the phone. You can see she’s right in her element talking to drivers, she is very outgoing and pleasant. I felt completely comfortable in the process and looking forward to a long working relationship.

Xavier G… Berkeley, CA , 08/2016

I have worked with staffing companies in the past, I have worked with one of your co workers in the past and I like her. She always had work for me at the other company. She left and I didn’t have full time work. I didn’t know where she went. I called them and a recruiter sent me an application. I came to the office to bring in my documents and I saw my old co-worker and I met the recruiter I was dealing with. I just had interview and I am working as a tanker driver now.

Sullay D… Sacramento, CA, 8/2016

Living in the bay area, I took a position that was offered in Berkley, CA as a grocery route driver. I took the position fully aware of the job requirements but regrettably after 1 week on the job, it was just too much for me. I felt awful. I surely didn’t want to burn a bridge with the company all the ladies in the office were so nice and fantastic on the other end of the phone. Very respectful and willing to help. They understood that from time to time maybe these things happen, and continued to work aggressively in finding me something a little more manageable. I told them maybe I wasn’t as young as I thought for the physical demands of the grocery business. They reassured me they wouldn’t hold it against me. At this time I am employed through TTG at one of their other accounts.

Thomas T… Berkeley, CA , 08/2016

Moving from out of the state definitely has you concerned with job market and income and how things are going to play out prior to relocation. I had family in CA but no one to help me on the employment side. I called them and they had me fill out the app online, send my documents on line and she fished around for jobs they had. I had a little bit of an obstacle being an OTR driver fitting into the parameters of their “local work” They suggested I do some on call work through some of their seasonal house accounts just to get some local experience. It was a great suggestion since I’ve had to deal with residence, move, enrolling my kids in school, and just getting acclimated to all the new changes. I‘ve probably been to the DMV three times getting a new license and MVR but that’s ok. I’m finally done with all the busy work and looking forward to just concentrating on full time work.

Tristan C… Sacramento, CA, 8/2016

I really like them because whenever I needed help finding work they were able to assist me and I’m very happy with my experience there. All of the employees were great in helping me with the hiring process and they prepared me well for my new job.

Lionel V… Sacramento, CA, 8/2016

I chose them because they seemed professional and knew what they were talking about made it attractive to me. With other staffing firms, I felt I was treated as a commodity and I didn’t feel part of a team like I did with them. I was treated with respect and felt like part of them family. They welcomed me and helped me with the application process when I was having problems. They did more for me than I expected and I wouldn’t change anything about my experience with them.

Michael T… Stockton, CA, 7/2016

I chose them because I worked with Jack in the past and she was always great to work with. Working with other staffing firms in the past didn’t get me enough work. I think them is awesome and I have no complaints with their services. My experience with The Transportation Guy’s has been great.

Fred H… Manteca, CA, 7/2016

I found them on Indeed and decided to research them. I was happy with what I found. When choosing a staffing firm, my main concern was finding more permanent work and I found that with them. I found the perfect job and them always put me at the top of their list. The employees at them went above and beyond for me. The day I called in, they got me in the office filling out paperwork, etc. and was working the next day. If there is anything I could offer that them could do to improve, it would be to find more permanent work for Class C drivers.

Doug B… Sacramento, CA, 7/2016

I chose them because I worked with Jack. She was very lively and I thought the answers she had for me were great. I had never used an agency before them and my main concerns when choosing a staffing firm were not getting work and not being paid right. I had constant communication with the employees at them and there was no one greater than “the almighty himself.” Communication between me and the employees at them has been good and any problems I had were taken care of right away. I’ve had a good experience working with them.

Bernard P… Stockton, CA, 7/2016

I chose them when I was referred by a former client of Jack. I have never worked through an agency before and I wasn’t sure if I would get a job, but I got work relatively quickly and all of my concerns had been handled. With them I got better pay and good overtime work. I was very happy with them services in helping me find work.

Adam L… Oakland, CA, 7/2016

I chose them because I know Jack has been extraordinary in the past. I knew I would be taken care of. In the past, I had problems with other firms sending me to bad companies and I never experienced that with them. I was delighted when I was sent to work right away and that the company was offering permanent positions. I am very happy with the services Transportation Guy’s have provided me with.

James J… Sacramento, CA, 7/2016

Taking a shot on another temp agency was why I chose them. It felt more like my type of place to be. In the past, other agencies were dishonest or tried to send me to work that was too far away and it ended up not working out. With them I was provided with more regular and local work. I was very happy with the process and all my concerns were addressed. One way to improve their services is to stay away from clients who are not organized or are not on the driver’s side.

Charles M… Sacramento, CA, 7/2016

I chose them because Jack was there. She was really influential in helping me throughout the hiring process and finding work. Other staffing companies seem to not care about money for drivers or regarding night jobs. All my concerns were addressed and the rest of the staff was just as good as Jack when helping me out with anything I needed. They took care of any issues I had right away. One way I think them can be improved is with some added benefits such as vacation time, medical, etc.

David S… San Jose, CA, 7/2016

 Jack worked on me for weeks. I was really particular on the location I wanted. I went on a couple interviews and had to refuse. Jack kept in contact with me. Suggested a positon in Richmond with early morning starts and M-F. It was funny because she told me if I didn’t take it she was going to strangle me!! I appreciate everything she did to keep me informed off all her clients in my area. Finally we came to a place where things worked out. The efforts on their end is outstanding and attention to drivers and caring about their placement is first class. I appreciate the opportunity!

Lenny L… Sacramento, CA, 7/2016

Superb Help & Attention & Patience and answering my questions and your understanding with everything I got to do here to relocate, you are Fantastic, thanks these last few weeks in getting me work there. You all are great there at them very Courteous & Professionals, you won’t be disappointed. Much Thanks!

Anthony M… San Jose, CA, 7/2016

Everything went smooth and got work almost the next day. They stayed in communication with me throughout the whole process. No complaints at all.

Quince M… Gilroy, CA, 7/2016

Easy hiring process. Jack was great. Got working within a week and. All hiring managers were great, it is one of the best temp agencies I have ever come across and worked with. them has bent over backwards for me and I love them.

Anthony G… Citrus Heights, CA, 7/2016

Very positive experience and any questions I had, I got answered by either the office manager, receptionist, or the other hiring managers. I was kept in contact with until I was comfortable with the job position I am in now. The owner of the company was very friendly.

Diane H… Rancho Cordova, CA, 7/2016

The whole process was very easy to complete online since I’m not local. The experience has been wonderful and I got work quickly. Compared to another companies, them was outstanding and got me hired as soon as possible.

Bryan R… Davis, CA, 7/2016

I just thought I might update you and take a lil bit of time and say thank you for giving me an opportunity. So far the company been so good to me and the employee there are really nice and professional. So again thank you so much and may God bless you and the rest of them!

Jesse L… Rancho Cordova, CA, 7/2016

Love working for them. Found work very quickly and was always kept busy. No complaints and have referred other drivers to them. Excellent service.

John G… Sacramento, CA, 7/2016

Overall experience was easy and terrific, I had never used a staffing company before. It was a great experience for using my first staffing company. I went to work within a week and was very happy about that. Jack was great, she returned phone calls in a timely manner and was on top of things with me.

Jeff W… San Jose, CA, 6/2016

Good overall experience. I got to work pretty quickly, within a week. Working with Jack was awesome. The whole process of applying to them and getting jobs went smooth and I was very happy about that.

Damin R… Gilroy, CA, 6/2016

Great. The employees had good customer service. They tended to all my needs and got me working immediately.

Jose C… Sacramento, CA, 6/2016

Everything went good for me. I would use them as a staffing company again.

Antjwuan G… Sacramento, CA, 6/2016

I have used a staffing company before, but them was by far the best one I’ve worked with. Jack is very good at her job and was very helpful. I got a job right away.

James R… Stockton, CA, 6/2016

Working with Jack was a great experience. He very thorough and she made sure to take care of me when getting jobs. I actually got work even before I was hired and I was very happy about that. The staff was very friendly and I was very impressed with how smooth the whole hiring process went.

Larry W… Sacramento, CA, 6/2016

My experience with them went well. I felt like I was part of them “family.” Working with Jack was an excellent experience and all of the employees worked with a sense of professionalism.

Shaun W… Sacramento, CA, 6/2016

I have worked with a staffing company before, but working with them has been a good experience. The hiring process was efficient and I was able to get work immediately. them had a good atmosphere which was the highlight of my experience.

James J… Sacramento, CA, 6/2016

I’ve never worked through a staffing company before. I called and was brought in immediately. The women in the office were very nice. They kept me busy while my application was under review. Jack called me daily until I was job offered. After working with the same company for years, this was a very easy transition into a different career. Thank you to Jack too. Everyone was professional and very easy to talk to during the process.

James M… Olivehurst, CA, 6/2016

I really enjoyed speaking to Ms. Jack. She was so friendly. I took an advertised mechanic position and it went really fast. I come in the office to pick up my check and the girls are always so nice and ask me about the job. They ask me about my kids. I enjoy everyone I’ve worked with at TTG.  I definitely think this was a great opportunity!

Andrew N… Sacramento, CA, 5/2016

I’ve really never had a better experience. I was working in a week! The company I work for through them is great. I get a lot of hours and I really enjoy it. All the paperwork process and in office visits went really smooth. Payroll and checks have been no problem either. They do a good job over there. I’m happy.

Tristen C… Citrus Heights, CA, 6/2016

During the process, I took another position. That position had me set to start a few weeks out. They kept me as an on call/house driver in the meantime to keep me going. Jack were in contact almost daily. I had a really good experience and it was very touching when they told me to come back anytime if my situation didn’t turn out. That says a lot about them and their company. I appreciate it!

Mike F… West Point, CA, 5/2016

The phone call came almost immediately for the position I applied for. I was in the office within days to drug test. The women in the office were very nice. Jack explained the job very thoroughly, they gave me good advice on questions I had. This is a good experience for me. I haven’t used a staffing company before but I definitely would. Thank you!

Andrew N… Fair Oaks, CA, 5/2016

Jack had me working IMMEDIATELY!! The transition and hiring process was so smooth. They were so respectful and professional. them was very understanding of my notice when I notified them and gave 2 weeks. A project ended up opening up for me in another direction and they praised me for giving notice, and extended an offer to return if I ever needed job placement. It was a good business relationship.

Marchall C… West Sacramento, CA, 5/2016

I sent my resume in, them responded very quickly. They brought me in the office immediately and discussed several jobs I was qualified for. I filled out all my paperwork in office, drug screened and my file was sent to a couple different hiring managers. The girls in the office were all very fun. I joked about getting an office job with the team.

I was sent to interview and began working the following week. I am currently fulfilling hours for my lease-to-hire contract. I really like the work, I feel really efficient and comfortable with the direction this process led me.

Robert V… Sacramento, CA, 5/2016

Being an out of area candidate, not meeting Jack or anyone at TTG face-to-face, the hiring process went very well. All documents filed on line, drug testing set up at a location in my area. Communication and all responses were addressed promptly. Very pleased with how things have developed. The job description was explained to me very clear.

They run a good operation up there in Sacramento

D.M… Oceanside, CA, 5/2016

Jack did a good job helping me get a job that made me happy to work. Everything was good and went fast for me. Everyone had everything ready for me. All the paperwork and information was good and true. I didn’t think it would all go so smooth and it did. Thanks for your hard work.

Juan O… Sacramento, CA, 4/2016

I was happy to work for you so quickly. I never used a staffing company before. I was put to work, I didn’t like one job and I quit, the TTG used me as an on call driver. Now I’m happy doing what I do now. I’ve worked local and driven to Oregon. I like what I do now. Thank you very much.

Marco H… Sacramento, CA, 4/2016

I sent my application in, spoke to Jack, she said he was going to skill market me and refer my resume to multiple job orders. I came in their office in person, spoke to both Jack. They gave me several options of local jobs I was qualified for. I filled out all paperwork in office, drug screened on site, and quickly had feedback from the interviewing company. In one week, I accepted an offer and I will be starting work on Monday. Thank you so much! I appreciate all the information and enthusiasm everyone demonstrated. This is what I needed.

Robert V… Sacramento, CA, 4/2016

I have been working Ag areas locally, I called, and saw I might have a chance to work locally for a flatbed company. Jack sent me the application. Everything went fast, she helped me work as a house driver before I was brought on lease to hire with the company I interviewed with. All of a sudden I was asked to accept a job in the middle of the week. I am happy about all of this.

Santiago C… Sacramento, CA, 4/2016

I was offered several positions I was not able to accept for personal reasons. I decided to be an on call/ house driver til I could figure out my personal affairs. I have lately been considering taking the advice of a solid company’s lease to hire offer. Jack have been really helpful! I appreciate all the suggestion and information they provide. They care about what they do.

Julio B… Yuba City, CA, 4/2016

Jack helped me, I worked for staffing company before. I was wanting to be a house driver so I could see what kind of work I was interested in. Every day I would get a call that was good. Everyone was very friendly. I can’t think of something they can do better. It’s good for me.

Conrado D… Sacramento, CA, 4/2016

The almost immediate response to my resume was unreal. It was shocking how quickly the phone call came, I was actually taken off guard. I originally applied for a local grocery route positon. When I interviewed my opinion changed when the hiring manager and I discussed their alternate runs. I actually commute the I5 corridor a few times a week.  It has turned out to benefit my situation better. I enjoy the weekly work and job description. Everyone on TTG’s side has been so easy to deal with. Always available to answer questions and concerns. Willing to making every process from paperwork, timecard and payroll very easy to manage, I truly appreciate all efforts made.

Gabriel L… Sacramento, CA, 4/2016

I called TTG about one of their advertised jobs. I agreed to be a “house driver” to improve my skill set, and get some local experience. Jack brought me in, I filled out all my DOT and payroll information, drug screened and almost immediately began working for a nursery company, a pet supply company, and various daily on call jobs. It’s been steady and the daily correspondence with the team- Eddie, Jack, Jack and Jack have been great. Things are going well!

Ra’Shed D… Sacramento, CA, 4/2016

Just wanted to say thank you guys for all you have done. You stuck with me and you kept working even when I thought things weren’t going to. You had a vision and you promised to keep plugging along until something worked out. I appreciate that work ethic! Things are definitely changing around for me because of you guys. You are the difference. You are a “difference maker” I appreciate all your guys hard work. Thank you so much!

Michael D… Reno, NV, 3/2016

“Jack, I nailed it!!” Thank you so much for all your hard work. You are a friend. You guys helped me even after I wasn’t chosen last week for a job. You kept me busy with on call work then you lined me up for this awesome interview and road test today and we did it kid! I am soo happy. You are not just good at what you do but you care about what you do. I will be keeping in touch with you guys. Thank you, thank you so much. Everyone is so nice and so down to earth where I’m going. I am just so happy…”

Bruce L… North Highlands, CA, 3/2016

So happy to get this opportunity. Had a previous employment endeavor fall through, Jack at them was able to pick up the ball and get everything rolling very quickly. Drug screened, results came back the next day and I was to work with a company I was excited within days. I appreciate the opportunity. Thank you!

Mathew P… Galt, CA, 3/2016

I was weighing out options for employment. I interviewed with the TTG, and with their client for hire. Still interviewing, Jack called me just as I was going to an interview one morning asking me if I wanted to move forward or what I thought of the company. The benefit package of the company they suggested is what influenced my decision. I have a baby coming and a company that covers the driver, spouse and dependents at the coverage that was offered was something I couldn’t pass up. I appreciate the efforts made by the TTG to get me working in a very timely manner.

Luis C… Woodland, CA, 3/2016

I interviewed with the hiring manager the girls at TTG suggested. The schedule and job was exactly what I was explained it would be. Jack made sure to follow up and make sure I understood the conditions of the job. The benefit package was something I couldn’t refuse. I drug tested and results were so quick I was working in just a couple days. Everyone was very friendly and professional.

Dennis K… Rocklin, CA, 2/2016

I was so excited to get the enthusiasm I had expressed on the other end of the phone. Jack were so great at making sure all the emails, phone calls, and run around for the hiring process were done timely and they were in perfect communication with me. Everything went smooth and quick. I could drug screen in my town. Send my documents online and file all my paperwork. Everyone was very professional and polite all the time. The job description was exactly how they outlined it. I am very happy with how the process turned out.

Kevin G… Farmersville, CA, 3/2016

Jack I thank you for your demeanor it’s refreshing to talk to a real person that cares about what she does and how she treats others.

Philip F… Sacramento, CA, 2/2016

They are so nice and inviting. Very polite. Jack were so great at answering questions, emails and making calls and emails to make this hiring process happen smoothly.

John W… Las Vegas, NV, 2/2016

I responded to a job posting out of the area. Nothing by fault of them, but the job was postponed over the holidays as far as hiring due to the route including schools and food delivery service. They kept open lines of communication with me and followed up continuously. They arranged a drug test facility in my town. Once the ball got moving I was at work very quickly.

Victor D… Kerman, CA, 1/2016

Being an out of state driver, I was able to submit my documentation through email. I drug tested near where I live. I interviewed with the hiring manager over the phone, then I flew to Sacramento to do my weeks paid training. Jack was my recruiter. We pushed through the holidays hard to get the ball rolling.

Kristion G… Las Vegas, NV, 1/2016

Jack has been so nice, emailing a real person who is hospitable and real. Its a change from most job communication haha you have made it more enjoyable and easier to decide to go ahead with everything!

Dustin W… Ahwahnee, CA, 1/2016

I had a misunderstanding with a few things on my end. them were very patient and things ended up working out. I appreciate everything Jack did for me to get me in front of the hiring manager to eventually end up in employment. I was referred by a family member who also went through their services.

Felipe D… West Sacramento, CA, 1/2016

I appreciate how quickly them worked to get me going.
Within days I was working. I filled out all paperwork online, drug tested in office, and immediately started employment. Everyone was very professional.

Nancy K… Citrus Heights, CA, 1/2016

Thank you them for helping me get employed so quickly.
I appreciate how friendly everyone was, and helpful they all were to getting me to work

Terri H… Sacramento, CA, 1/2016

Jack worked very hard at getting me off the road. We spoke almost every day. The job description was exactly what she told me it would be. She was able to set up drug testing in a location I would be available to and also suggest where I would be able to do my road test. Everything worked out very quickly. The hardest part I had was with my camera phone sending my documents (: but I don’t know if that was partly my fault and partly this phone! (:
I appreciate them getting me new employment.

Sammy M… San Francisco, CA, 2/2016

Jack was persistent in recruiting. I was local, moved out of state, she continued efforts to employ from both states. A better opportunity presented itself to return to CA. She was able to set me up with an interview with the hiring manager. I enjoyed the interview, hit it off with the hiring manager, immediately followed an offer, went to them office within an hour to drug screen. Everything happened very quickly, I was very surprised. It was nice after the many correspondences back and forth over the phone and email to finally meet everyone in person. Everything happens for a reason and all efforts worked out.

Michael D… Davis, CA, 1/2016

I worked with Jack, the process was very quick. Everything went smooth, the job description was explained exactly how I was to expect it. From the staffing company point of view, everything done on their end was very professional and timely. The girls in the office were very friendly and helpful. I would definitely use a staffing company again for employment assistance and would recommend them to family and friends.

Jeremy O… Rancho Cordova, CA, 11/2015

Never used a staffing company before. Would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for work. The job descriptions were clean. I have steady work, everyone was very efficient at getting all my paperwork and assignments addressed. Any hiccup or problem was supported very promptly. The thing I can address as a stand out moment with this company is their attention to hiring drivers in a very quick process from application to work. It was immediate.

Bryan R… Davis, CA, 11/2015

They were really in my corner supporting me and being so flexible with my schedule. I tried for weeks getting off the road to interview with their hiring company. Ms Jack really helped me out so I could be local and stay off that over the road schedule. I was able to demonstrate my yard hostling skills and was offered employment on the spot. The transition has been very smooth and quick. My wife is so happy that I was able to work this all out, it has been a positive change for my family.
Thank you! So, so much!!!

Anthony R… Coolidge, AZ, 11/2015

They are terrific!
Their customer service is excellent, this is the team to get you where you want to go. Everyone on their end was very helpful and approachable in every way. They make every effort possible to get you to work. The process was very quick. I was able to get on with a company and show what it is I can do. I am happy where I ended up and I am working full time. It’s been a positive transition. The best way I can complement their services and affirm what they have done for me is to suggest their company to friends, who also at this time have been in contact and hopefully on their way to the same successful path I am on.

Nathen “The Aquarius”… Sacramento, CA, 10/2015

Being an out of state candidate, I was treated very much as a priority. them arranged a flight and my hotel arrangements immediately. The staff came to me to drug test me and worked very diligently to expedite the hiring process. I was offered employment and eager to begin this new position.

James M… Las Vegas, NV, 11/2015

Most definitely this company focuses on putting their candidates to work in a timely manner.
The process was very quick from interview to connecting with a job. I really appreciate efforts made on their end, the networking was done well. I am working full time. I have not used a staffing service before, after this experience I would definitely do it again and suggest this path to other people interested in getting a job in the quickest way possible.

Jason A… Oakland, CA, 10/2015

People always expect every situation to go perfect. I know nothing is. But I have nothing bad to say about them. They are pretty good!! I like everyone on their end. Everyone in the office is always very nice and I am working a lot of hours, between 45-50 a week, I am happy about that!

Ned A… West Sacramento, CA, 10/2015

This has been a great experience. Everyone has been very nice this has gone very quick. Found them online. Spoke to Jack, in the office with and Jack a few days later, now hired as a yard hostler.
Excited about getting to work.

Wayne L… Greenville, CA, 10/2015

I had used a staffing company before, most my work was OTR or out of town. Working with them not only has kept me local so I can be home with my family and sleep in my own bed but they ALWAYS have work! I have been working full time through them and I have been offered a job. Everything was super easy and the process from application to work was quick.

John E… Orangevale, CA, 09/2015

You want a plug in the trucker pipeline? Go through Mr. Jack and them. Mr. Jack knew everyone I’ve worked for and we had a lot in common to talk about. He’s definitely been around the game. I was confident working through a staffing company with my driving reputation and clean DMV record. Through them I’ve been working full time and have been offered several job offers. Choose them, they have super-hot chicks working in the office!

Fred L… Stockton, CA, 09/2015

Facebook was the vein which led me to them. I was working in San Jose and looking for a move, I thought the transition would put me out a month or longer, but to my surprise I was working through them in less than a week! The process went so fast! I’m running a shuttle route and excited about being employed full time. Prior to working with them I was with another company for 11 years, so I had a decent amount of experience under my belt. This opportunity through a staffing company has been really good. Everything on my end is OK.

Robert H… Sun Valley, NV, 09/2015

Being a local minister, I have a little bit of a hiccup with a driving schedule for some companies. My opinion with using a staffing agency allowed me to be flexible with my route so I could free up my weekends. I came in and hit it off right away with Mr. Jack. He is a hoot! It was a lot of fun sitting down and spending time with him. Everyone is his office was really great, very professional and respectful. I recently just accepted a full time position I couldn’t be happier about, and I have my weekends free to fulfill my calling as a pastor. Everything has worked out!

Jack B… Sacramento, CA, 09/2015

I was an owner operator for 15 years. They helped me transfer over from that position. I applied online and I was shocked how quick and effective the process was. I could not believe how a “temp agency” was so dedicated to what they do to help someone get situated. Mr. Jack and Jack were very clear with me and communicated job descriptions very well. They answered my questions and you can tell they care about what they do. They are the kind of people who are not “just in it for themselves” I was very impressed. One thing that was so shocking was their attention to detail. I have never been recognized on my birthday by an employer. Jack and the staff called to wish me a happy birthday, and I thought that was so cool! That’s not something you expect, but it was much appreciated! Working through them has let me to a full time job.

Phillip M… Cupertina, CA, 09/2015

Referred by Facebook! My girlfriend and another friend of mine both tagged me on facebook to contact them. In 3-4 days I was on the road! The process was so quick. I was looking for a job and I was going to take whatever came my way. Jack was my first contact with the company and she was great! My driving experience prior to working with them was coast to coast OTR. I would be gone 7 weeks at a time on some occasions. This job has me home, local and in my own bed every night. I’m in the process of being hired on full time thanks to them. They are a 5 star office and just on top of the game. I don’t have any complaints.

Anthony L… Sacramento, CA, 09/2015

First time using a staffing company, I applied online. From there everything just went quick! I believe in 3-4 days I was interviewing for a job. I used to drive coast to coast, now at 50 years old, I’m able to be home and drive locally, and I’m so happy! There’s a reason why them are better than the rest of the companies out there. They do an amazing job and the pay is so good! I tell everyone about them and all of us drivers talk about them and compare stories.

Sukhwinder M… Santa Clara, CA, 09/2015

They are “ON THE BALL” I applied on line, next day I interviewed, 3-4 days later, I was on the road! Usually when you work with a company and they get what they need for you, you don’t hear back. them call, and call, and follow up, you are constantly up-to-date on everything they are doing. I was hired and now doing local deliveries. Driving for over 6 years, being in and out or around other companies, them are honestly the best I’ve seen!

James B… West Valley, UT, 09/2015

I am so happy I found your company online. I think Jack and everyone there are so nice! Everything is good, I am happy to have a job through you guys.

Tsegaye H… Sacramento, CA, 09/2015

I had never used a staffing company before. I found them online. I am working full time and waiting a job offer. All the job requirements and outline of what I was going to be doing was explained very clearly and was exactly what I expected on the job. Everything is great on my end and the staff at them are really good people. Thank you.

Lionel V… Sacramento, CA, 09/2015

Found them on line, I was real open to the process of using a staffing company. Working full time hours, I’ve been offered jobs with a couple different companies, just haven’t found the best match yet, so I’m sticking it out until the right placement comes around. Jack at them has been great! She calls me up offers me work, it’s been all good!
Been driving General Freight, I’m happy with the experience.

Justin O… Jackson, CA, 09/2015

There’s always a big hype about what companies promise to do for you. There’s no comparison to other companies when recognizing what them do. I’m 52 years old, I work full time hours, offered a full time position. Jack was great at walking me through the process, she was such a nice person. I would definitely use them again if I was looking for employment. I consider when I’m on SS, to work part time through their staffing company to supplement me monetarily. The experience has been real good.

Robert S… Fairfield, CA, 09/2015

My experience with them was positive. The company happened to be in Gilroy doing interviews when I came across them. I had used staffing companies before for job placement and I didn’t have any objections to using one again. I am employed as a full time route driver out of Gilroy, CA. I think them services are Stellar! They are above a measured standard when it comes to clear communication and feedback. Thank you!

Allen E… San Jose, CA, 09/2015

Everything has been perfect! I shuttle drive out of Sandy, UT on a swing/graveyard shift to Wyoming, turn around and return to UT. My shift runs about 11-12 hours/day. I found them job posting on by the time I spoke to the company, I was filling out an application immediately. The job description was very clear, the job I am doing is EXACTLY what they described to me. From road test to job placement, all fell into place in about a week. Thing went very smooth and quickly. The organization of them has been much appreciated. Everything has been up to par on my end, I am now awaiting an offer for a full time position here.

Ty L… Sandy, UT, 09/2015

I had a friend recommend them to me. He had used the company in the past, I was looking for a job and he suggested I inquire with them and see what they had to offer. I had a little bit of reservation using a staffing company; main reason being I was unsure how involved they would be. them were there! They came through and the process went very quick! I am now in a position to being hired on full time. One stand out moment I have with the company is their contribution to Driver Appreciation Week. September 13th 2015 began a week of luncheons and raffles. They offered a 55’ TV to their drivers, I thought that was really cool!

Anthony T… Sacramento, CA, 09/2015

My path crossed with them while I was on line and one of their advertisements popped up on line. I had never used a staffing company before but I was open to the opportunity and everything has worked out well. They delivered on any concerns I had. Everyone on their team has always been very helpful, respectful and pleasant to work with. I can recall an incident I had with a medical issue, Mr. Jack helped me resolve it and for me that was huge! Based off that moment alone, I have referred other people I know to go through them. I have been employed as a full time employee as a result of using their services.

Eugene S… Sacramento, CA, 09/2015

I am a father of a 6 yr old and married for over 13 years. I had been working OTR and the separation from my family was beginning to take a toll. I contacted Jack, the hiring manager with them and she was so inviting and professional. It just felt like a good place there. I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Jack and he made me feel so at ease about using a staffing company that I didn’t even have reservations about the hiring process. They took care in placing me with the perfect opportunity for my family, a job with benefits and the availability to be home at night. The whole process has been AWESOME. I can’t say enough good things about Jack, Jack and the girls in the office. They work as a team, everyone on the same page. Having my path cross with them has been a real blessing. I’m so over joyed the only appreciation I can give back is my referral to friends and try to pass their name around.

Antonio J… Sacramento, CA, 09/2015

I was applying directly to a lot of job postings and I assumed I was becoming an applicant among many. You would think inquiring directly through the company posting job availabilities would be the quickest route; however that wasn’t the case. I was lost in a stack of applications. I believe I saw them advertisement on a job board. Jack was who I had contact with first, the hiring manager. After the application was filled, the process moved extremely fast. Within days I was being suited for job placement. Things went so quickly I found myself in a bind with the job I was retiring from. Timelines were overlapping. The communication them had with the company and myself was very clear and patient so we could outline a start date that could accommodate the bridge between my employments. Since, everything has been very smooth and I am very happy with the way things turned out.

Todd E… San Jose, CA, 09/2015

They reached out to me!!! I was offered a good opportunity, working with them. Mr. Jack was on the ball! They have the best employees, the pay is great and everything has seemed to pan out very well.

Jeff J… Sacramento, CA, 09/2015

I’ve been in the industry for years. The obvious way to go about employment has always been the “direct hire” approach. I had never used a staffing company before for job placement. I came across an advertisement for them on and spoke to Jack the hiring manager. She was so professional, just absolutely fantastic! I had been floating around with a few other things and for weeks being put off. I don’t have any constructive criticism to offer. The company has been very direct and honest. I am extremely happy with my relationship with them.

Dennis L… Rancho Cordova, CA, 09/2015

I am a route delivery driver out of Reno, NV. My experience with them has been
Very positive. I mentioned to a woman in the office, not to offend anyone, but how surprised I was to have such a warm, “up on everything”, very helpful staff involved with me in this process. I applied blindly on line when I saw the company name pop up for an area position and I didn’t expect to have the kind of experience I had with them. I have no complaints!

Cory D… Reno, NV, 09/2015

My relationship with them has been good for the most part, to be honest I didn’t realize I was being hired through a temp agency until after I was working I don’t know if I didn’t think it through entirely since I was directly referred by a co- worker, and process went quick. I was positioned within about 2 weeks. I’ve had a few hiccups here and there but the girls in the office have always been great at resolving any questions or concerns I had and everyone was very friendly.

Amber O… Santa Cruz, CA, 09/2015

I came about a yard hostler position on line and inquired through them. Jack and the girls made the process from application to employment extremely quick. I don’t have anything to say about the company other than to stress the simplicity factor it has been to be employed through them.

Jerry M… Hayward, CA, 09/2015

As a direct referral from a friend, I applied with them. With over 25 years in the trucking industry, I was tired of being OTR. them were able to accommodate a position that would keep me home at night. Working as a temporary employee, hoping to get hired on next month. I can only say positive things about my experience with them and the respect and attention they give to their drivers.

Elmo M… Sacramento, CA, 09/2015

I was encouraged to contact them prior to employment With the company I am affiliated with now. Still fulfilling my hours required, Work through them has been very steady. Currently servicing A local driving route in Reno, looking forward to becoming a permanent position. Everyone at them have been helpful on the phones, with payroll, And keeping open lines of communication.

James B… Reno, NV, 09/2015

I live in Gilroy and wanted to seek employment with company hired at I didn’t have any reservations with using a staffing company such as them at it seemed not only encouraged through the company but also The quickest way to become employed. I was at the time out of a job and using their staffing Company they allowed me the opportunity to prove I would be a good worker. They helped me out when I needed it the most. The hiring process was very prompt and everyone On Jacks team are great to work with, they get back to you and handle any problems that arise immediately.

Frank G… Gilroy, CA, 09/2015

I considered using them staffing company Because I figured it would be the fastest route for job placement. I have no complaints, the staff has delivered fully in what I expected from them. Everyone worked really hard and efficiently in getting me work. I work on call, but it’s been Close to a full time position at that. them are always willing to put jobs in my way. I don’t have any complaints, those guys are going an excellent job!

Damani S… Sacramento, CA, 09/2015

I was referred to them with another employer I was with at the time. them placed me in a long haul job that runs from Tulare to Canada. I have since been given the opportunity to train another driver in the area of instruction of how to cross the borders. I had no expectations when I breached the idea of job placement from a staffing company but I have had a very pleasant experience with everyone in the office. Verbal communications have always been very pleasant and I haven’t had any real issues. Everyone there has been extremely helpful.

Brian G… Visalia, CA, 09/2015

I saw a job posting for them online. I originally inquired about a full time M-F position. I was placed in a full time job with a company that is over the road. I expressed An interest for a local M-F job and waiting for that to come available, but I have no complaints. Everything has been good so far, working with a staffing company has been very satisfying! them have come through and everyone has been great.


Henry S… Antelope, CA, 09/2015

Job services came up on line when I was searching for jobs I absolutely had no Concerns with using a staffing company. I work an over the road job, out Monday back Friday and I am very happy. The process from application to hire went smooth and transitioned to a job that is putting me as a permanent employee. I can’t suggest an area where the company needs any improvement Everyone has been great on their end, extremely friendly!

Frank J… Sacramento, CA, 08/2015

This was my first time using a staffing company. I was Surprised how quickly everything went, Jack followed up Immediately and I was working. This has turned into A full-time position. I had no reservations using a staffing
Company and it has worked out very well.

Donovan G… Stockton, CA, 08/2015

I saw the advertisement on facebook for them And the job postings available. I applied and this is moving into A full – time position for me. I didn’t have any reservations Using a staffing company. I understand it’s very busy but the Staff and them worked very hard and quickly to find me work Everyone there was very friendly. It’s been a great experience!

Raymond M… Marysville, CA, 08/2015

Jack called to respond to my application and I was shocked that them showed initiative whereas other companies will have drivers fill out a bunch of papers and never deliver on any jobs. them are not only a real staffing agency but better because they do exactly what they said they would do for me. Jack and Jack found me a REAL full time job when most jobs from staffing agencies are only temporary. I felt like I was given exclusivity in the job market.

Ron B… Sacramento, CA, 08/2015

A former employee referred me to them so I thought I would give it a shot, He told me about how they found him a job so I knew it would be a good experience. You guys should advertise more, a lot of drivers could use your help.

Adam P… Sacramento, CA, 08/2015

I had been looking for a job locally, to be able to be home with my family. I wasn’t having any luck…until I sent them my resume. Jack called me right away and I told her exactly what I was looking for and sent him all my info. He had me a job interview the following Monday & I was hired!!! The job was exactly what I was looking for. Everyone I spoke to at them were so friendly & professional & definitely knew what they were doing. I would definitely recommended them if you’re looking for a job. Thank you to all the staff at them.

Antonio J… Elk Grove, CA, 08/2015

 I had been out of the trucking industry for 10 years, decided to get back to truck driving but I was only getting shady jobs from shady companies. I applied with them, their staff helped me go thru the process and called me within 2 days asking if I wanted to work. They sent me to a particular job where the transportation manager liked my work and asked me to work for him again. Jack knew I wanted a long term job so he set it up with the company so I was their go to guy. In doing so he made me look like a hero to the transportation manager, I was always there for the TM and was able to build comradery and establish myself as part of the team, not just a temporary driver. them helped me stay busy, keep a roof over my head, and answered any questions I had. I am where I want to be because of them help, a full-time employee with a great company!

Kevin T… Sacramento, CA, 07/2015

I haven’t worked with a truck driver staffing company before but them are easy to work with and don’t play around. When I submitted my resume Jack was on the ball and called me right away, I thought I would have to wait days for someone to call me. He fought to get me my new job even though the company wasn’t looking for a driver. He made sure I got an interview with the Transportation Manager, it was smooth sailing after that. Thus far, I have no complaints. Jack and them DO NOT disappoint!

Rodney M… San Pablo, CA, 07/2015

Working with a big company, you work with only one type of equipment. With a staffing company like them, you work with several trailers, I have tanker, fuel and flatbed experience I couldn’t get anywhere else, and I get an opportunity to expand my experience with different types of equipment I’m endorsed for.

James W… Elk Grove, CA, 09/2014

They were the first company to pop up on the website in my job search, the name stuck out so I submitted my resume. Their hiring process was fast & easy, they didn’t waste my time.

Cedric A… Sacramento, CA, 04/2015

I chose to work with them because they were fast, convenient, and the company they hired me for had the kind of job I want. I felt relieved someone was helping me get hired, everything they have done for me is great!

Manny N… Salinas, CA, 4/2015

They were able to find me the right job when no one else could. They truly care about getting people to work. When I thought of a staffing agency, I was not expecting full time work, decent pay, large name trucking companies, and quality equipment. I can’t believe it! I got everything I was looking for, top pay, good work environment, benefits, even vacation and sick days. Before using a agency like them, I thought they were like all the other temp agencies out there; bad companies, low pay, and bad equipment. Boy was I wrong; they truly care about getting people to work!

Aaron C… Sacramento, CA, 10/2012

I never used an employment agency and I thought you had to sit in a lobby and wait for an assignment. And all there was temp jobs at questionable companies… them do have access to local trucker jobs that are not advertised. I was sent on 2 interviews at companies that I tried to get an interview with that I could not. And one of them hired me.

Glen S… Woodland, CA, 12/2012

They are on the ball, they have good communication, work with you like a team, get questions answered, and get you to work fast

William H… Folsom, CA, 09/2012

I never used a staffing service but the website said they have local jobs not advertised, private jobs no one else has. After talking with them, they knew what they were talking about. Not like the other companies I called

Steve O… Sacramento, CA, 09/2012

I had a few concerns working with a staffing company but them got me hired with a reputable company. I was surprised at how well put together & professional their staff is.

David R… Fresno, CA, 04/2013

They are very professional and answered all of my questions. I was surprised at how quick I got hired on with a company through them.

Dominique J… Sacramento, CA, 05/2013

Everyone shut their doors on me when I was looking for work. I contacted them and Jack got me a job fast. Their service is fast and good when you need to find a job quickly.

Tim C… Auburn, CA, 05/2015

I applied with them because their website said they offer local jobs. So far its been good.

August M… Stockton, CA, 04/2015

I saw an ad online from them. I didn’t know who they were so I went onto their website. I read the reviews online and liked what the drivers said about them. I called and went through an interview with them, and got a job offer within the week. Their staff is really great!

F. N… Sacramento, CA, 09/2014

I like them because they were up front with me on what jobs they had, the good and the bad. They understood my priority was my family and made sure to explain the job in detail so I knew what I was getting into. Me and my wife are very pleased.

Richard M… Sacramento, CA, 08/2014

Working with a big company, you work with only one type of equipment. With a staffing company like them, you work with several trailers, I have tanker, fuel and flatbed experience I couldn’t get anywhere else, and I get an opportunity to expand my experience with different types of equipment I’m endorsed for.

James W… Elk Grove, CA, 11/2014

I was trying to find a local driving job to be home for my family more than once every 2 months. I got a call from them about my resume, came in to interview, and had another interview with a trucking company the next day. I started my new position the next week and have been there since.

Jim S… Citrus Heights, CA, 06/2014

I like that them care about their drivers, it’s why I came back to them. When it comes to staffing companies, they’re the best!

Ricky W… Sacramento, CA, 09/2014

My past experience with the owner of them is why I came to work for them. They are 100% real with me, outstanding in what they do and treat me like I’m a part of the family!

Karl S… Sacramento, CA, 08/2014

My husband and I are able to team driver together and have a schedule that fits us working for them.

Shannan V… Roseville, CA, 10/2014

My wife found them online and she told me to call them. I’m glad I did because I got a job with a good company with great benefits, no more OTR!

Clayton M… Sacramento, CA, 09/2014

I was referred to them by another staffing company that didn’t have any work for me. They have been very helpful getting my foot in the door to my new job.

J B… Elk Grove, CA, 07/2014

When I first spoke to someone at them, they were joyful and energetic unlike people at other companies I had spoken to. When I was ready to go, they were on top of it, and worked with me.

Shane K… Sacramento, CA, 07/2014

I couldn’t have quit my over the road job without them help. It was a pleasure to have meet and worked with you all. Thank you all very much!

Ed A…. Sacramento, CA, 05/2014

They are like a helping hand for truck drivers, and always friendly.

Robert S… Citrus Heights, CA, 07/2014

I found out about them from other drivers. I was surprised at how professional they are, and that they were willing to work with my schedule

Sean M… Davis, CA, 10/2013

At the time, I didn’t have any work. When I got a call from them offering local work, I decided to try it out. They keep me pretty busy with good companies, and I get a check coming in every week.

Robert C… Woodland, CA, 12/2013

I was trying to get a job at a good company, they referred me to them who do all their driver hiring. I called them and went to their office to interview with one of the recruiters. By the time I finished my interview, they had already called the company’s Transportation Manager and had set up an interview for me to meet with him the same day. them handle business!

J H… Citrus Heights, CA, 12/2013

I came to work with them because they speciaJacke in Truck Driver hiring and work with my schedule to keep me busy when my primary job does not need my speciaJacked service. They are professionals at what they do and have a well-rounded diversification of companies they work with. I always brag about working with them!

Anthony L… Orangevale, CA, 11/2013

them called me back right away and have made sure I keep working ever since

Timothy S… Sacramento, CA, 12/2013

I chose to work for them because they were willing to work with me in getting a good job. They are professional, very family friendly and made me feel comfortable from the start.

Bruno B… Sacramento, CA, 12/2013

I responded to an ad online from them. I was able to get a good job with a company they worked with, when that company slowed down and no longer needed my services, them were able to keep me moving with another company and kept money coming through my door.

Bob C… Fair Oaks, CA, 11/2012

Working with them is simple, easy, and straight to the point. They called me up on a Tuesday and by the next Tuesday, I had a job! They didn’t give me the run around like most companies.

Thomas W… Suisun City, CA, 04/2013

I had no problems working with a staffing company like them, my experience with them has been great and they have always taken care of me.

Edward S… Sacramento, CA, 05/2013

I chose to work with them because they promised to find me work and I was struggling getting back into the field of Truck Driving. I was surprised when they gave me work right away

Michael K… Auburn, CA, 08/2013

I filled out an application online for them. I got a call a few minutes later asking me if I wanted to work for them and I said yes. I felt welcome right away, the staff is always very friendly and I like that they are concerned for me as a person and make me feel comfortable. them do a really good job!

Mary S… Tracy, CA, 06/2012

I wanted to have good representation and be represented to good companies, and I was worried that staffing firms only had temp jobs. I was very impressed at the quality of companies them presented me to. them showed genuine concern for their employees, me included. They treated me like a real person, and always returns my phone calls.

John W… Sacramento, CA, 07/2012

I am thoroughly impressed with them’ superb staff! They have good communication, are cordial and always treat me with respect.

Larry B… Sacramento, CA, 08/2013

When I applied for them, I got a job fast. I enjoyed the comfortable feeling I got when I interviewed with one of their recruiters, they are very professional at what they do!

Andre R… Sacramento, CA, 08/2013

them do a hell of a job at getting you a job! I got offered a job through them 3 DAYS after I sent them my resume, it was fast and easy!

Norman M… Sacramento, CA, 08/2013

them are really good. Everyone is always friendly and they treat me like a person!

Gabriel A… Citrus Heights, CA, 10/2013

I chose them because I liked what they were offering. I like the type of jobs and companies I get to work with and I like the pay I receive.

Kevin S… Sacramento, CA, 11/2012

I had used Jack in the past and got great results. I have used him for 12 years and thanks to him, I got 3 of the best jobs with the highest pay, best benefits, and great schedules.

Dean P… Elk Grove, CA, 09/2012

I interviewed with them and liked them, they were able to place me in a job quickly after my interview and keep me working.

Robert C… Sacramento, CA, 06/2013

I like that them accommodate to my schedule.

Scott R… Sacramento, CA, 10/2012

I had concerns on how much I’d be employed working with a staffing company, But them have kept me busy with work. They have been great to me.

David L… Sacramento, CA, 10/2012

I had no problems working with a staffing company; they got me a job were I’m NOT in a truck for months on end with no home time. I get to work AND am with my family.

Richard S… Yuba City, CA, 08/2013

I had gotten a good reference from one of them drivers, and decided to give them a shot. I’m glad I did. them make me feel wanted; I am always treated with respect and feel like my services are needed. I appreciate the comfortable feeling working with them

Larry T… Sacramento, CA, 10/2012

I had submitted my resume to multiple job positions open and them were the only ones to call me back. I was very surprised when I went in for an interview on a Monday with them and got a job with a good company the next Monday! I thought it would have taken at least a few weeks, but these guys move fast!

David A… Elk Grove, CA, 11/2013

They accommodate to my schedule and make it convenient for me to juggle work and school!

Dallas R… Sacramento, CA, 08/2012

I was open to working with a staffing company, I needed permanent work and this was a good way to get my foot in the door.

Thomas P… Sacramento, CA, 04/2013

them responded to my resume quickly. They called me back and I dealt with an actual person, not some machine. I like how they are personaJacked and aren’t afraid of calling, you deal with a person not a computer! They worked with me on getting a job and helped me when I needed it.

Kevin T… Fair Oaks, CA, 04/2014

It had been so long since I had to look for a job that I didn’t really know what to do when I entered the job market again. I had never used a staffing company before and I was a bit leery, but it seems to work out great. I am well satisfied!

Jim K… Sacramento, CA, 04/2014

I decided to work with them because they offered full-time flatbed work with good pay at a reputable company. These guys are great at what they do.

Chuck K… Sacramento, CA, 05/2013

them accommodate to my weird schedule. They got me working and their service is good.

Pasquale S… Sacramento, CA, 07/2013

them got me a full time job relatively quickly with a company that is growing!

Brian T… Rocklin, CA, 03/2013

them are on top of it all the time! Every time I call with a question, they always got an answer, no matter how unimportant the question is they always help me out

Jamie E… Sacramento, CA, 03/2013

them provide a substantial service. They are pleasant, professional, very persistent and consistent when it comes to working with drivers.

Steven T… Sacramento, CA, 04/2013

I like that them are to the point, they are really good at taking care of any problems I have, and they always do what they say they will do. them never leave you hanging!

Victor M… Auburn, CA, 04/2013

The Transportation guy is a great Company to jump start or continue Your Commercial driving career; especially in Temps too hire. Their staff is experienced and knowable in the trucking industry, and always available to answer any questioned. The Transportation Guy set my career in motion and I was hired by a national company.

Robert B… Elk Grove, CA, 04/2013

I was referred by a trusted friend who got me in the door with them. After my interview, them got me a job fast. I was surprised & happy that it was with a big company with nice benefits and good pay.

Joey F… Sacramento, CA, 11/2012

Before finding them, I was looking for a commercial driving job. I looked all over the Internet and cold called companies looking for work. I was unsuccessful. them found me a company right out of the gate that matched everything I was looking for. They really made you know you weren’t just a temp…but you were part of their team!

William M… Wheatland, CA, 02/2013

I never used an employment agency and I thought you had to sit in a lobby and wait for an assignment. And all there was temp jobs at questionable companies… them do have access to local trucker jobs that are not advertised. I was sent on 2 interviews at companies that I tried to get an interview with that I could not. And one of them hired me.

Glen S… Woodland, CA, 11/2012

I never used a staffing service but the website said they have local jobs not advertised, private jobs no one else has. After talking with them, they knew what they were talking about. Not like the other companies I called

Steve O… Sacramento, CA, 08/2012

them are on the ball, they have good communication, work with you like a team, get questions answered, and get you to work fast

William H… Folsom, CA, 04/2013

them has quality service, they got me a job in my area.

Sukhwinder M… Santa Clara, CA, 03/2015

them are ethical and highly professional, I refer them to other drivers and companies whenever I can!

James W… Citrus Heights, CA, 05/2014

I had a few concerns working with a staffing company but them got me hired with a reputable company. I was surprised at how well put together & professional their staff is.

David R… Fresno, CA, 04/2015

This is my first time getting a job through a staffing company and I’m very happy. The benefits and pay are what i was looking for, I love my new job.

Guillermo H… Watsonville, CA, 03/2015

Jack, from them was quick to call me on my application. I’m happy with my new job, its not what I expected from a staffing company.

Eugene S… Sacramento, CA, 02/2015

They are very friendly, they kept in touch with me and let me know when there was a job with the criteria I wanted.

Paul T… Gilroy, CA, 02/2015

The other company I was working for weren’t keeping me busy. them keep me busy, their a good company to work with.

John E… Orangevale, CA, 07/2015

I applied for an on-call position, was told I’d be working 2-4 days a week. I’ve been working a full-time schedule since I started, its very nice.

Justin O… Jackson, CA, 06/2015

They hiring process is fast, convenient, & their staff treats you with courtesy. They do a great job!

Anthony P… Auburn, CA, 03/2015

I like working with them because I can find work fast, their service is good for drivers like me.

Henry S… Antelope, CA, 06/2015

I saw an ad online from them. I didn’t know who they were so I went onto their website. I read the reviews online and liked what the drivers said about them. I called and went through an interview with them, and got a job offer within the week. Their staff is really great!

F. N… Sacramento, CA, 10/2014

I came to work for them because I wanted to work closer to home, they have been really good to me and keep me busy with work close to home.

L. J… Sacramento, CA, 09/2014

 Thank You for helping find me a job, I just got hired as a permanent driver!

Gerardo C… Sacramento, CA, 07/2015

I chose to work for them because Jack was quick to respond and had great communication. He made sure I was well informed and covered the basis from the beginning. There were no surprises working with them.

Rakale W… Sacramento, CA, 08/2015

 Everything I encountered with them was very satisfactory! Mr. Jack and Jack were so friendly and easy to talk to. They went above and beyond answering any questions I had, and really walked me through this process. The attention to drivers and job placement was so encouraging. They blew me away how quickly they were able to piece things together. I can’t express how grateful I am for what they have done for me. I was out of work for 6 mos! I had 3 years of driving experience but nothing was working out for me. I was so impressed with how well rounded and put together the company was. They’re honesty and well outlined job description was exactly what I expected. I’m so pleased to have been given this opportunity. I am now employed full time, and hopeful this will be a long career for me!

Ben R… Grass Valley, CA, 09/2015

Just wanted to let you know I have completed my first day of training and to thank you for pairing me with this company. This was EXACTLY the type of job I was looking for. This is definitely the best option for me at this point. Once again, many thanks!

Tyronne L… Salt Lake City, UT, 08/2015

I had used a staffing company way back in my career. Being an owner/operator for most of my driving career; going back to using an “agency” was a different approach than I was used to. Dealing with Jack and the team was very smooth. They made the process very easy. Today was my first day at work, it was exactly what I had expected. The job description was exactly what we had discussed throughout the process. All paperwork was handled professionally both in person and online. I’m happy with the way things have worked out. I thank you for the opportunity.

Marquette J… Citrus Heights, CA, 03/2016

They were quick in their process to find work, being out of state I had to work with the other end following up with them, they worked things out to where I am now working full time. It was a good experience. Jack was the recruiter I worked with and she was very professional and did everything I expected from her. I would recommend their services to someone else looking for employment.

Chris S… Brighton, CO, 10/2015