What is a Human Code Company?

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The Human Code is how we frame your companies, employer brand into your company’s career messaging to be used in your recruiting process.

To accomplish this your company’s employer brand message is broken down into top three elements of the company a job seeker uses to judge if they want to work there or not:

  • The first element is the total compensation. If you want high preforming team members you have to offer a respectable wage.
  • The next element the job seekers is judging your company on is the culture. Top talent no longer will put up with bad working conditions.
  • If they are satisfied, they go the last and final element you will be judged by and that is company values and how your company lives those values.

What We Do Next:

Is break down your authentic employer brand message in to the three human code elements Compensation, Culture, and Values.

Then we use the DNA hiring system as the way to deliver your companies unique career messaging in a consistent, authentic way on the correct device at the right time in the decision making process that’s appealing to the people who are going to be the best fit for your company. So, you’re attracting the top talent in the marketplace and able to retain the talent because of the quality of the fit.

The goal here is not to hire someone because they have the skills and need a job.

It is to hire the skilled people who fit into your company’s culture, believe in your companies’ values. Because they are working for meaning and purposenot a pay check.